Mario is

Mario , the italian plumber

a protagonist and second-protagonist (sometimes) of MarioMario54321's series , he has got brother , his name is Luigi.
  • Age : 26 years
  • Job : Plumber
  • Nationality : Italian/American
  • Likes : Adventures , Mushrooms , Princess Peach , MarioMario54321 and Luigi.
  • Deslikes : Bowser , Bowser's Minions , Villans , Wario and Waluigi.


Trying Jump Over the CastleEdit

In the first epsiode , Mario try jumps over the castle (for some reason) , in your #777 Try , he jumps over the castle and gains the ability for walk on lava.


  • Moon Jump : Mario can hover in Zero Gravity like the moon
  • Walk on Lava  : Mario can walk over lava , this ability is given by Voice from Somewhere.
  • Wing Cap : Mario can fly if he get the Wing Cap , this ability is given by a red block.

Friends and EnemysEdit



  • Bowser


See Main Article : Mario/Clothes


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